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Photo Scavenger Hunt

Photo Scavenger Hunt

With the announcement that schools will be closed for the remainder of the school year, I know that parents are struggling to come up with ideas how to entertain their kids.

Let’s try to think of this time of ‘social distancing’ as a “Gift of Time”. It’s certainly not going to be a breeze every day, but it’s a time of slowing down our overly busy lives, bringing the family closer together, and enjoying the things we never have time for.

Let’s get creative together! While I may not be able to photograph your family and provide you with happy memories and smiles for the next weeks or months, I can still help you by providing ideas to do just that.

How about a Photo Scavenger Hunt? Starting on Friday, March 27th, I’ll provide creative ideas every day for 7 days. Some days will be very easy, others require a bit more thinking and creativity. Some days we’ll go out into our backyard or neighborhood (practice social distancing) and some days we’ll look for things around the house.

The info will be posted daily on our Facebook page and Instagram Story. Make sure to like/follow us to stay in the loop.



Every day, for 7 days, there will be a different challenge/hunt that your children need to complete. All they need is a camera phone or a tablet with a camera and a collage app downloaded and ready to go. Personally I use an app called PhotoCollage, but there are many free ones and it doesn’t matter what you choose.

This scavenger hunt is meant for kids of all ages. Even parents can participate! At least I’m planning on going on a hunt. 😉 I do encourage your older children to help the younger ones out, and each of them complete their own collage.


How Do We Play? It is easy!

Go to our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ArtCafePhotography/

Each day I will post the prompt for that day’s hunt. I will also post on Instagram and right here on the blog.

Your kids need to complete each challenge and create a collage image in one of the collage apps.

Share their photo creations on our Facebook page in the comments under the daily prompt.


Let’s fill our news feeds with positive and fun things our kids are doing. I look forward to seeing many great creations!








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